Robots Deliver Food to George Mason Univ. Students & Faculty

The report noted that Starship Technologies is partnering with food-and-facilities-management company Sodexo. In the January 22nd edition of The Washington Post, Peter Holley reported that George Mason University has received 25 mobile robots designed to deliver meals to students and faculty.  Holley noted that each mobile robot can haul a food payload of up to 20 pounds and make deliveries in 15 minutes or less. 

George Mason is reportedly the first campus in the country to incorporate robots into its student dining plan and has the largest fleet of delivery roots on any university campus.  The cost per delivery: $1.99.  

Photo credits:
1. (on-road robots) Starship Technologies;
2. (Starship interior view);
3. (Fleet group photo);
4. (3/4 portrait view of Starship) AUVSI.