Russia Developing a Helicopter Drone Killer reported that Russia is developing a helicopter drone to complement anti-aircraft systems in the counter-UAS mission. This appears to have been inspired by observing the success of Turkish drones that helped Azeri forces break Armenia’s defense in the recent Azeri-Armenian conflict. The new helicopter drone will reportedly “track down small and low-speed enemy drones at low and extremely low altitudes,” according to the Russian government news agency RIA Novosti. An attack helicopter drone is also said to be in development. For details, please see the report.

Thanks to CDR David Place (USN/Ret), davidplace47[at]gmail[dot]com, and Robin E. Alexander, President ATC, alexander technical[at]gmail[dot]com, for their assistance with this report, the background for which appeared in their  # 20 - 26 - 31 DECEMBER 2020 edition of the UNMANNED SYSTEMS NEWS (USN).

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