Servo Powerhouse HitecRCD Takes Lead in Industrial Actuators

HitecRCD’s pioneering development work in servo and actuator technology over the decades has led to new and powerful solutions for hobby and research markets that use machines that require precise motion control.  These innovations in motion control and machine mobility have, in turn, facilitated the growth of diverse industries, worldwide.  You can check out the interesting details on the scope of Hitec's servo and actuator products that serve hobby and professional markets at  However, for insights into Hitec’s extraordinary new generation of industrial actuators, and how these products are helping grow large scale industries worldwide, please see

Photos courtesy of HitecRCD; HitecRCD booth by Tom Atwood, May, 2017, AUVSI Dallas Xponential trade show. 

Reader Alert!  Please note that you can see Hitec’s expanding product line, in person, at the upcoming Commercial UAV Expo Americas, October 24 – 26 in Las Vegas, NV!