Singularity 1-on-1 Webcasts and Blog, hosted by “Socrates”



This library of video interviews, podcasts, book reviews, in-depth articles and more, all on artificial intelligence and the singularity – and closely related topics ranging from the history of blogging to science fiction embodiments of AI – is a treasure of information that we highly recommend.  This a very special free university, one that you can sample at your own pace, at no cost -- owing to Socrates' quest to share knowledge on the most important questions in our civilization's future.

A recent book review discusses Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus, by Douglas Rushkoff, and check out Socrates' report on the history and current status of cryonics, see Frozen in Time: Pushing the Limitations of Death.  Socrates (aka Nikola Danaylov) reflects on the history of blogging and looks at the accomplishments of the original Socrates and other successors, as well.  Please visit his magnificent archive here.