"Smart Manufacturing Experience" Conference to Focus on Best Use of Big Data and AI

As explained on the conference website, you’ll learn how data can help you track progress towards your goals and lead to more useful, constructive feedback. SMARTx Tech Talks will spotlight visionary leaders who will deliver short inspirational talks on smart manufacturing and business transformation through the implementation of new, leading technologies. Attendees will earn about using intelligent systems to cut costs, improve service and promote innovation.

Jack Shaw, Technology Futurist (shown), will deliver the May 2, 2018 keynote, 8:30 – 9:30 a.m., titled: “Artificial Intelligence—Business Systems and Processes That Think for Themselves.”

Intelligent Systems are transforming business, commerce, and society. Self-optimizing production scheduling, autonomic supply chains, and self-configuring business ecosystems are just a few examples of Intelligent Systems that will shake the world.  In this presentation, Jack will cite success stories that show how leading-edge businesses are using these technologies to cut costs, improve service and promote innovation.