STEM Resources Compilation!

ICYMI, these links will take you to some of the most exciting STEM resources NREF has published in the last year+

USC Viterbi School of Engineering K-12 STEM Center

U.S. Drone Soccer League Launches Competition Supporting STEM Education

The Role of STEM Education in China’s Ambitious Future

WRO Launches New Website in Support of STEM and Technical Careers

SME Education Foundation and Horlick High School Join Forces to Create STEM Opportunities for Students

NASATECHRISE: Student-Designed STEM Experiments Win NASA Flight Opportunities

China Unveils Soaring Dragon UAV, an Exercise in STEM

AI-powered Chatbots Can Support High-Quality STEM Education

Pitsco K-12 through Professional Education STEM Curricula

iRobot Unveils New Coding Resources for More Inclusive STEM Education

Women in STEM: A Guide to Bridging the Gender Gap

Blue Origins “Club for the Future” Boosts STEM Careers in Space Exploration!

NUWA Launches Kebbi Air STEM Robot for Kids

Top Engineering Jobs and STEM Careers Opening Up!

Pitsco Launches Virtual Robotics Simulation Software for STEM Education

Palm-Size Petoi Bittle Teaches STEM Robotics

Free Parallax Distance Learning STEM Curricula Program for 100 Educators