sTetro Stair-Climbing Robot: One Small Step for a Robot, One Giant Leap for Stairway Cleaning!

The sTetro is a new stair-climbing robot vacuum that autonomously navigates over flat surfaces in your home and is able to climb and clean your stairway. It significantly extends the cleaning capabilities of home cleaning robots. The working principle concept of sTetro is borrowed from the Tetris Tiling Theory. The sTetro's body consists of three cuboids connected with two sliders attached to each side of the central cuboid. sTetro uses a vertical conveyor belt and employs six DC motors; four are Worm Gear DC motors, and two are Pololu DC motors. It also uses four Herkulex high torque servo motors. Four Omni-directional wheels guide the robot. Six bump sensors are installed on the left and right sides of the robot to detect the side boundaries of the staircase. Learn moreĀ details in this video posted by Professor Rajesh Elara Mohan at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Mohan is also the co-founder of Lionsbot, a robotics company that develops and deploys a wide range of autonomous cleaning robots. Design details courtesy of, where sTetro specifications are explored. Word on the street is that Dyson has filed patents to also bring a stair-climbing robot to market.