Tokyo-Based GITAI Builds 10-Meter Robot Arm for Commercial Space Stations

GITAI USA Inc. (GITAI) has developed “S10,” a 10-meter autonomous robotic arm for commercial space stations. The GITAI S10 has successfully completed various tests corresponding to level 3 of NASA’s Technology Readiness Level (TRL). GITAI’s core technology including mechatronics, electronics, and software are developed in-house, and its “engineers work side by side in the Agile development process.” The GITAI S10 has completed ground demonstration tests corresponding to TRL 3 in less than 6 months from start of the S10 project. This included capturing large objects, e.g., a spacecraft or large payloads, using grapple end-effectors and grapple fixtures. GITAI’s proprietary interface enables the end of the robotic arm to be interchangeable. This improves task performance by connecting to various tools to perform multiple tasks, and it enables autonomous movement of the arm itself when equipped with grapple fixtures at both ends of the arm. By March 2023, the GITAI S10 is scheduled to conduct a similar demonstration test in an underwater experimental facility which simulates micro-gravity, in order to achieve TRL 6. Learn more about GITAI here.