What Journalists and Active Web Users Need to Know to Bolster Online Security

Journalists, in particular, face ever-increasing cyber threats on a daily basis, and all who are active on the web should be aware of these hazards and the safeguards that are available to protect online privacy. The folks at Safenetexperts.com have compiled key advice that we recommend not just journalists but also researchers, academics and active tech enthusiasts, across the board, review. Nobody is immune from these hazards and the steps explained in this guide are essential keys to online security. The discussion, written by Lucca RF, is up to date, straightforward and comprehensive, and contains key advice on a kaleidoscope of relevant issues. Much of this may be familiar terrain to active journalists, but any active web denizen may be surprised by some of the issues raised in this guide, and you can cherry pick which pieces of advice make sense for you. Our thanks to Sofia Park of Safenetexperts.com for providing this guide. We recommend that you share it with your peers. Read the Ultimate Online Privacy Guide for Journalists here.