WiBotic Teams with ResGreen for LilBuddy Autonomous Mobile Robot Charging

WiBotic, a Seattle-based manufacturer of advanced charging and power solutions for aerial, mobile, space and industrial robots, has announced a partnership with ResGreen Group, which develops mobile robot and software solutions. The ResGreen LilBuddy autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can now be programmed to power up using a wireless charging station that doesn’t require any physical connection ports, allowing the robots to operate for extended periods without human intervention.

“LilBuddy AMRs are remarkable, streamlined robots,” said Ben Waters, CEO of WiBotic. “Despite their compact size, they’re capable of moving loads in excess of 220 pounds. They are perfect for navigating smaller spaces and – when integrated with our wireless charging capabilities – offer a compelling, low-maintenance solution for organizations looking to introduce autonomous mobile robots into their operations.”

The LilBuddy AMR brings automated movement to any business through its optimized, compact size and flexible natural feature guidance, ResGreen said. Featuring a 17-inch by 17-inch base, LilBuddy is one of the smallest AMRs in the market, with an ability to rotate 360 degrees to help with congested environments and narrow aisles.

For details, visit https://www.wibotic.com/