Will Robots Take our Jobs or Expand Employment Opportunities?

The following articles and presentations scrutinize the risks and opportunities for human employment in an ever more automated workplace. 

AsianRoboticsReview.com, Will Cobots & Augmented Reality (AR) Spike Productivity?  Tom Green, May 2017

AUVSI NEWS, WAL-MART DEPLOYING SHELF-SCANNING ROBOTS IN 50 OF ITS STORES (Wal-Mart states this will not affect employee head count), Staff, November 2017

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Inverse.com, New Study Confirms that, Yes, Automation is Taking jobs, Graham Templeton, March 2017

Moneyish.com, Americans are totally delusional about what robots could soon do to their careers, Catey Hill, August 2017

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Photo: A worker observes a riveting robot inside the mid-body fuselage of a 777 jet (image courtesy of Boeing).  Chart via the McKinsey Global Institute. It shows that automation is likely to have a more disruptive impact on employment in richer countries such as the U.S. and Japan. Statistical sources include the World Bank and Oxford Economics.  Image and illustration courtesy of Geekwire.com.
Our thanks to Marc T. Liu, for his assistance in compiling these links.  © 2017 NREF


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