c-Link Systems


These curriculum samples were provided by c-Link Systems CEO, William Lovell.  c-Link offers the Forager rover for search and rescue applications in mines and disaster zones, and manufactures M-18 custom robot arms for education and industry. c-Link also produces the compact Omni Panzer line of small tracked and wheeled robots designed for a variety of applications ranging from farm work, construction projects, and landscaping to snow plowing and disaster recovery. More details can be found: https://www.the-nref.org/content/new-compact-c-link-systems-ugvs-diverse-markets. As such, c-Link brings a wealth of experience to its curricula outlines. The below four curricula are free; the company sells hardware and software. 

“Lesson Plan: Robotics & Industrial Controls” contemplates 30 – 45 minutes of instructional time in classes that span a full school year. Click here for a graphic PDF.

The “Lesson Plan: Robotics & Industrial Controls” pertains to the creation and implementation of robotic, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and Process controls. It is a course for high school level students. This phase is adjusted for the Oxford Hills Technical School (OHTS) but can be modified to fit most educational institutes. Included within the document are links to the third party vendors.

Click here for a textual treatment and course outline.

The course contemplates 30 – 45 minutes of instructional time in classes that span a full school year. High School Seniors can explore single functions in depth. This can serve as a senior project for credit.  Students using this curriculum package, at any high school grade level, will be quizzed and tested during the year.  All are asked to maintain engineering notebooks and to pursue lab time work, discussion of ethics and to commit to full participation.

"Syllabus for Classroom Robotics" focuses on Robotics and Industrial Processing.

The Syllabus for Classroom Robotics focuses on Robotics and Industrial Processing.  It covers the scope of engineering as a discipline, and methodology for engineering a project as well as managing return on investment. Integration of electrical technology, pneumatics & hydraulics, drive systems and motion control are examined with a focus on safety.  Technology is viewed at system, factory, process center and machine cell levels. Specialized components and conveyer systems are reviewed.

“Three Year Curriculum in Automation – Robotics” (PDF) is a comprehensive outline of studies for sophomore through senior year students.

The “Three Year Curriculum in Automation and Robotics” is a comprehensive outline of studies for the sophomore through senior year level students with a serious career interest in pursuing technology and robotics. Process control, vision systems and myriad components of industrial robotics technology are examined.

"Education with a Sand Pile, Robots and a Computer Game” includes a PC game, construction of a sandpit playing field and programming of small, tractor-like robots.

The new “Education with a Computer Game, Sandbox and Robots” curriculum is a hands-on approach with a minimum of “chalk board” time (which is reserved for Q&A and process review).  The game, Minecraft©, takes you to a world where you can construct towns and gather resources “as all Middle Earth Dwarfs do.”  This is the relatively affordable MinecraftEDU package with large scale educator utilization. The Sandbox and Robots game is a pilot program; takeaways will be the overall design of the game world, volumes of material and construction practices.