The RC Airplanes of Xponential 2023

Extraordinary RC airplanes were shown by a variety of firms at the AUVSI 2023 Xponential show. Over 600 firms on the leading edge of robotics technology exhibited.   Held in Denver, CO, May 8 – 11, the 50th-anniversary Xponential was hosted by The Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) in conjunction with Messe Düsseldorf North America (MDNA).  Xponential 2023’s theme was “Blueprint for Autonomy.”  These aircraft are typically flown autonomously with optional teleoperation capability. The direct descendants of RC sport airplanes flown at the local flying field, RC aircraft exhibited at Xponential 2023 are used in science research, commercial missions such as inspecting infrastructure, mapping terrain, military recon, and many other applications.

1. A2Z,
2. Aerovironment,
5. Drone Nerds Elevate,
6. Frontier,
7. Hawk Aerosafety (1),
8. Hawk Aerosafety (2),
10. Pterodynamics,
11. Rapid-Flight,
12. T-Drones,
13. U.S. Naval Research Lab,
14. WING,

Watch a short Xponential 2023 overview video here, and see nearly 400 robots designed for air, ground and maritime applications exhibited at Xpo ‘23, here.
--Tom Atwood, Executive Director, NREF