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BVLOS technology developer Iris Automation (IA), has reportedly collaborated with regulators on 14 completed BVLOS test programs worldwide and has received approvals in the U.S., Canada, U.K., India and South Africa.  Working with the City of Reno and th


Applied Aeronautics’ Albatross UAV is a long range fixed wing drone that was purpose built to be one of the most efficient, affordable and scalable Group 2 UAS platforms on the market.


UAV noise can be an annoyance, especially over metropolitan areas. A Cranfield University study focuses on developing a better understanding of the noise produced by unmanned aircraft.


Links to 35 free online robotics courses creaed by superb educators at prestigious universities have been compiled by Tom Green on AsianRoboticsReview, a website we highly recommend!


Tevel Aerobotics Technologies is developing a patented airborne robotics platform that uses sophisticated algorithms for autonomous orchard harvesting and management.


The HUUVER is an emerging drone mobility solution that claims to activate both flying and driving capabilities in a single, compact, autonomous machine.


Epirus, pioneers of the world’s most powerful phased array, announced today the introduction of Leonidas Pod, a first-to-market, solid-state, multiple shot high-power microwave (HPM) system and the latest addition to the company’s suite of advanced electronic warfare (EW) solutions.


On Aug. 3, 1921, Lt. John Macready, who would soon become the head of U.S. Army flight testing, released 175 pounds of lead arsenate from a Curtiss JN-6 “Super Jenny” over a stand of catalpa trees infested with sphinx moth larvae. The experimental treatment killed the infestation.


The number of robots sold in North America set a new record in 2021, driven by a surge in non-automotive sectors, according to the Association for Advancing Automation (A3).


Pitsco Education has announced the TETRIX Virtual Robotics (VR) simulation software, a new digital/physical robotics experience that enables students to code a virtual TETRIX robot using Arduino C libraries.


As reported by the BBC, at the Olympics in China robots are taking on a significant workload cleaning, serving food and drinks and handling sundry errands. In scenes resembling a sci-fi movie, temperature checks, cooking and delivering food are all being efficiently handled.


Sir Ernest Shackleton's Endurance polar steam yacht sank in the Antarctic’s Weddell Sea between October and November 1915.  Unnavigable, encroaching sea ice closed in and crushed the ship. It sits on the ocean floor 3,000m down.


The Marine Corps is collecting information from industry this month on potential counter UAS interceptors it can add to the next block of its ground-based air defense vehicle.


As reported 21-January, NASA has selected 57 winning teams in an inaugural nationwide challenge designed to attract, engage, and prepare future science, technology, engineering, a


PROPEL specializes in concept-to-customer product development in technical industries, and brings that perspective to analysis of workforce supply & demand in the marketplace.


U.S. Drone Soccer is proud to announce a national launch of league events in Colorado, Ohio, and New York. Colorado academic championships will take place in May 2022 (location TBD) for more than a dozen participating schools in Colorado, with open enrollment for new programs during the spring.


IN 2022, cars in many countries must start carrying automatic emergency braking, which is designed to prevent crashes. The European Transport Safety Council estimates that automatic braking can reduce traffic death rates by as much as 20 percent, saving about 4,000 lives a year.


ANYbotics ANYmal C has four legs, “three brains”, and provides solutions for robot applications requiring advanced mobility and autonomy in challenging terrains.

01/08/2022 reported January 3rd on the promising future of chatbots in STEM education. Also called a conversational or virtual agent, a chatbot is a software or computer system designed to communicate with humans using natural language processing.


Everdrone AB, a Swedish autonomous drone and service provider, has announced that its drone played a crucial part in saving a life during a sudden cardiac arrest.


1-5-22: Planning and initial operations begin for moving the Secondary Mirror Support Structure (SMSS) into its operational position.

01/02/2022 reported that Volansi has partnered with Sierra Nevada Corp. to provide the U.S.


TuSimple, which develops autonomous driving technology, has announced it successfully completed the world’s first fully autonomous semi-truck run on open public roads without a human in the vehicle, and without human intervention.


Aljazeera reported that UN talks in mid-December had not resulted in negotiations on ending the pursuit of autonomous killing machines.