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Jonathan Rupprecht is an attorney whose highly regarded practice, Rupprecht Law, P.A., offers comprehensive guidance to drone pilots on legal and technical matters.  Rupprecht’s many tutorials and educational posts have provided invaluable support to the drone/UAV and radio control (RC) communiti


According to the, the Marines are one step closer to finding ways to transport vital supplies to Marines on the move via drones.


It was reported by that the Aevum Ravn can deliver small payloads via a rocket booster to low earth orbit.


UAV swarms carrying explosives or surveillance gear are notable threats on the battlefield. 


As reported by The Warzone at, Pipistrel’s militarized unmanned Surveyor has been used by the U.S.


As reported by, Russia has created a new robotic combat unit of Uran-9 unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), which have been battle-tested in Syria, though with mixed results.


The Xponential 2021 online conference was held May 4 – 6, 2021 and was a gold mine of information for businesses, industry professionals, academics, researchers and tech-hounds of any age looking for the latest information on unmanned systems, robotics and leading edge artificial intelligence app


AUVSI's Xponential Conference is the signature gathering for leaders in the robotics, AI and unmanned systems industries to  share technology use cases, experience new technology and strike up new partnerships.


As reported by Caleb Larson in, the Marine Corps is preparing to face China, a near-peer rival, in the Pacific.  The report notes that the Marines


As reported by, the US NAVY has begun a major Congress-mandated assessment to explore the efficacy of pairing a Large Unmanned Surface Vessel (LUSV) with a vertical launch


Adversary drones are observed spying on U.S.


Miko 2 encourages your kids to interact, learn, and communicate.


SAN DIEGO – The Navy begins its inaugural multi-domain manned and unmanned capabilities exercise April 19.


The challenges imposed on schools by the COVID-19 pandemic have left parents and educators without essential information about how students are doing and which schools need urgent attention.


CTTSO / NASA – On 21 May, via the Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate (IWTSD), Dr.


PromoDrone Brings Drone Banner Advertising to Global Markets

Licensing Partnership Makes History as First of Its Kind


Martin UAV, a leading advanced aviation technology manufacturer in the United States, announced on 30 March the public release of the latest unmanned aircraft system (UAS), the V-BAT 128, for defen


On 5 April, iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT), the leader in consumer robots, unveiled new coding resources through iRobot Education that promote more inclusive, equitable access to STEM education and support social-emotional development.


Iprosurv has launched Pilot Partnerships, a new proposition to bring together the nation’s independent operators and drive greater levels of professionalism across the sector.


The robot submarine (and unmanned surface ship) era nearly is upon us. Chinese naval strategists say they intend to circumvent their long-recognized weakness in submarine warfare by cultivating undersea artificial intelligence (AI) and by developing capable unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs).


Driven by high injury costs and an aging and shrinking skilled workforce across sectors, the global industrial exoskeletons market is expanding rapidly, a new analysis by Frost & Sullivan says.

03/24/2021 reported that the U.S. Air Force is testing whether lasers mounted on the backs of dune buggies could be the counter-drone weapon the military needs.