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AeroVironment has announced the launch of its next-generation VAPOR Helicopter unmanned aircraft system (UAS), the VAPOR 55 MX.


With laser-guided weapons becoming more common across all domains, a new use case for UAS is emerging, designating targets for their own and external weapon systems at low risk and cost.


Nebraska’s Northeast Community College will share in a $25 million award to develop a robotics/automation curriculum.


The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement is a non-partisan think tank dedicated to the ongoing development and promotion of the DoD, Armed Services, and Federal Government's critical defense goals.  Detailing global developments, plans and programs within the community, the IDGA has j


Drone manufacturers are increasingly designing drones that specialize in particular applications in order to meet the needs of Government agencies and departments, which more and more often are seeking drone fleets with drones specializing in different functions and missions.  A diverse range of


Exciting new rotorary UAV designs by Rogelio Lozano recently appeared on YouTube, and we are impressed. The aerobatic flying rotor in photos 1 and 2 has an 8-meter diameter and is shown mid-flip.


On August 9, the Vertical Lift Consortium (VLC), in partnership with TechConnect and Advanced Technology International (ATI), announced 19 finalists for its Urban Air Mobility Challenge.


PickNik Robotics, which develops robotics software and engineering services, has announced commercial availability of its MoveIt Studio Developer Platform and the MoveIt Studio SDK (software development kit).


US-based Shield AI and Australian company EPE have partnered to deliver AI pilot functionality to military UAV operators in Australia and New Zealand using Shield’s Nova 2 drone. The drone features Level 5 autonomy— it can operate independently in GPS-denied environments.


August 9: First comprehensive analysis finds broad gains in test scores, with larger gains for students of color than white students.

08/08/2022 reported 8 August that the Space Force has conducted a demonstration using dog-like quadruped unmanned ground vehicles (Q-UGVs) for security patrols and other repetitive tasks.


GITAI USA Inc. (GITAI) has developed “S10,” a 10-meter autonomous robotic arm for commercial space stations. The GITAI S10 has successfully completed various tests corresponding to level 3 of NASA’s Technology Readiness Level (TRL).


As note in an AUVSI news release, the DOD’s budgeting process for uncrewed systems (UxV) in Fiscal Year 2023 has commenced. The charts suggest DOD priorities among systems intended for deployment in Air, Counter-UAS, Ground, Maritime Surface and Maritime Subsurface domains.


Ottonomy.IO has introduced Ottobot 2.0, a “best-in-class and friendly service fleet of fully autonomous robots” for food/beverage and retail contactless deliveries.


On Monday, August 8, 2022, in Lawrence, Ind., (a suburb of Indianapolis) history will be made when traditional mail is delivered to the world’s first smart mailbox.


Several countries are planning Lunar missions in the near future, within one to a very few years, as these representative lunar robot concept images show.

In the order shown, these are:

1, NASA's Viper polar exploration robot.

2. Astrobotics' Peregrine lunar lander.


As reported by, in mid-July, a group of more than 500 business, education and nonprofit leaders called on states to update their K-12 curriculum to make computer scie


Fierce Education has announced its upcoming free virtual event to be presented August 25th: “Higher Education: The Connected Campus”.


Tom Atwood, Executive Director of the National Robotics Education Foundation, in late June was interviewed by Tracey and Cameron Hughes, founders of CTEST Laboratories, on his career in aviation and robotics magazine publishing.


Animal Dynamics, based in Oxford, England, works closely with the University of Oxford and specializes in aerial and maritime drones used for logistics, humanitarian aid, emergency services, defense and agriculture.


As reported by Guy Norris of, this experimental “concept” hypersonic vehicle is called the HVX. HVX is part of an RAF study evaluating hypersonic technologies for “intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance (IRS) and other missions that, reportedly, are undisclosed.


SkyRange, a program managed by the Department of Defense Test Resource Management Center, is developing and integrating advanced sensors/capabilities and providing flight operations & maintenance for a fleet of unmanned air-vehicle systems to support the U.S.


Retired Adm. William McRaven, a former US Navy SEAL commander and head of US Special Operations Command recently stressed that K-12 education is vital to US national security.