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01/02/2022 reported that Volansi has partnered with Sierra Nevada Corp. to provide the U.S.


TuSimple, which develops autonomous driving technology, has announced it successfully completed the world’s first fully autonomous semi-truck run on open public roads without a human in the vehicle, and without human intervention.


Aljazeera reported that UN talks in mid-December had not resulted in negotiations on ending the pursuit of autonomous killing machines.


The United States Drone Soccer League has launched, and it intends to mix competitive sports with STEM education to engage students and educators in “accessible aerospace education for all.”  Based in Colorado, the League notes on its website, “U.S.


On Christmas Day, and a week before we begin a new year, it seems fitting to take a brief moment to celebrate the continued growth of technology, the STEM education it is grounded in, and the many gifts technological progress has provided humanity.


The Cyber:bot with BBC micro:bit is a favorite among middle school through university level educators. This robot kit and curriculum were created in partnership between and Parallax. Key points:


Russia’s Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik (Hunter) drone was recently unveiled at the Novosibirsk Aviation Enterprise during a visit by Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexey Krivoruchko.


For more than 125 years, the University of Southern California has been an institution in the city of Los Angeles, California.


Long heralded in sci-fi, armored body suits and exoskeletons like those foreseen in Robocop and Iron Man have real-world analogs that are now on the march.


Air & Space Magazine reports that “the Next Robots on the Moon NASA’s plan to return to the moon begins with a fleet of robot landers.

12/11/2021 reported that General Atomics Aeronautical Systems unveiled Mojave, its latest unmanned aircraft system, on Dec. 9, 2021.


This curriculum syllabus is from NREF's recently updated curricula pages--see other lesson programs and curricula at  


The prototype for the Navy’s unmanned refueling tanker is now aboard a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier ahead of at-sea testing.


Will your autonomous robot do the right thing?


Chinese firm Yunzhou Tech has deployed its unmanned surface vessels for many purposes over the past ten years – water sampling, public light shows, oceanographic research, security patrols – but it is preparing to take its technology to a new level for national security missions.


This full-scale drone design that is an exercise in STEM, from the materials used to the aerodynamics. A video released by the Chinese Air Force shows its WZ-7 jet-powered high-altitude, long-endurance (HALE), reconnaissance unmanned aircraft.


A C-130 mothership recovered a DARPA “Gremlin” drone in an October 29 test, dragging it back into the C-130’s cargo bay from which it was launched. The recovery showed that it is technically feasible to retrieve a small drone and put it back into a mothership while in flight.


Amidst growing global geopolitical competition, China’s aspirations range from exploration of the moon and Mars to achieving a world-class navy and world economic stature in the “


Lawrence Technological University (LTU) is the United States National Organizer for the World Robot Olympiad (WRO), a global LEGO Robotics competition.

11/23/2021 reported that “General Atomics is secretly flying a new, heavily armed dro


Pitsco’s vision is “To lead educational change that positively affects learners.” Pitsco offers full year curricular offerings for elementary, middle and high school levels and hand-on kits for students at all levels.


This IEEE website is for newcomers just getting started in robotics and points to many helpful online resources. For students of any age, it's a great orientation.


In an uplifting STEM education roundup highlighting leading young intellectuals in aerospace and defense (A&D) posted 5-October on, Lindsay Bjerregaard noted the following: